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PT Piaggio Indonesia Begins the New Year with Amazing Offers for a Colourful Journey Ahead

To begin the colorful journey in the new year of 2022, PT Piaggio Indonesia would like to invite all loyal automotive lifestyle enthusiasts of the Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi brands, to celebrate the beginning of the year with a sense of hope, refreshed state of mind to reach new goals and better life ahead, through an array of customer offers that are truly amazing! 

Piaggio: New Journey, New Ride

The Piaggio brand is the optimal choice for an urban and smart mobility solution providing a modern solution with technological advantages. PT Piaggio Indonesia brought Piaggio Medley S ABS as part of the urban and smart mobility solution in Indonesia as it is a perfect travel partner that is agile and easy to maneuver for riders longing for a fast, functional and practical riding experience. Through this amazing offer, stylish urban dwellers and lovers can start a new journey in the new year with a new vehicle with an Exclusive Voucher worth IDR 10,000,000 plus an Accessories Voucher worth IDR 1,000,000 specifically for purchasing Piaggio Medley S ABS during this period.

Vespa: A Colorful Journey Begins

Vespa, the everlasting iconic brand that are close to lifestyle and culture life, truly offers a channel of self-expression and personal style through a set of colorful products. In this special period, PT Piaggio Indonesia invites the young at heart riders to start the new year with a rebirth of passion, optimism and enthusiasm. Welcome the colorful journey in 2022 and enjoy special offers for the Vespa brand in the form of an Exclusive Voucher up to IDR 12,000,000 plus an Accessories Voucher worth IDR 1,000,000 specifically for purchasing any type of Vespa for this period.

Aprilia and Moto Guzzi: Amazing Offer

PT Piaggio Indonesia also perfects the selections of premium two-wheelers automotive vehicle with two distinctively different automotive brands, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi. Aprilia, with the core racing adrenaline DNA, designed for those high-performance motorcycle seekers, represented through the Aprilia 660 family: RS 660 and Tuono 660, in response to the demand for fun, easy, practical and satisfying bikes. Meanwhile, Moto Guzzi, a legendary brand with 100 years history for automotive devotees who demand riding experience with unique Italian design, cutting edge technology, and superior quality. The recently celebrated 100th anniversary of presence, Moto Guzzi brings a wide selection of Italian bikes with different cruise riding character through Moto Guzzi new V7 Stone to Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel.

Both brands, during this special occasion, has an amazing offer to be enjoyed for Aprilia and Moto Guzzi products, as the customer can get genuine accessories package up to IDR 85,000,000 as well as additional accessories and merchandise voucher valued for IDR 10,000,000.

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